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Michigan Medicine Medical Campus Emergency Teams:
Which Emergency Team do I call? Who Do I Call Final.pdf
Emergency Back-up Phones:
Main Medical Campus
Off Site Locations
If your page has not been returned in a reasonable amount of time, please call 936-4000.
Always dial 141 to initiate a STAT page to a clinician to ensure that the page is received in the most timely way.

Using the web paging system or dialing the 66266 line may lead to delays in sending a STAT page out to the intended clinician.
Search by Pager Number or Last Name:
  936-6266 - automated paging
936-4000 - paging operator assistance
936-6268 - Change the status of your pager
Paging a User/Departmental Pager
  • Enter the Users Pager Number or Last Name in the search field, then press “Search’ or hit the “Enter” key
    • Names must be spelled accurately or no results will be returned. If unsure of the spelling, type the first few letters
    • To search by pager number, type the three to six digit pager number in the search field

Michigan Medicine On Call Schedule by Department:

VA On Call Schedule by Department:

  • Do Not place pagers next to other electronic devices (cellphones, other pagers)
  • Replace batteries at half-life; do not use recycled batteries
  • Page Copy Users:
    • Carry your pager and your cell phone with you to assure you receive all messages.
    • If you belong to a paging group, you will not receive group page messages on your cell phone.
Paging & Information Services Forms – (New Pagers, Updates and/or Reporting Information)
  • Pager Request Form  Requirement: Only Authorized Contacts are able to access the Pager Request Form. If you're having difficulty accessing the form or need additional assistance, please call 734-936-8000.
  • Pager Archives   Process for requesting copies of messages sent to your pager or to the pager of someone who reports to you.
  • Missed/Garbled Page Report Form Complete to report Missed/Garbled page incidents
  • Patient Safety Report Form
  • Page Copy Request Form
    • Intelligent Hub (Mobile Device Management) is required on Smart Phone prior to Page Copy being added to devices (UMHS Policy # 01-04-507 Mobile Device Security). For assistance or questions, please call 734-936-8000
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