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You have selected JACKSON, JULIA to receive a message. The Pager Number is: 32626
Clinical Paging Form (Clinical pages must include all the following key pieces of information. All fields except Registration number are mandatory. You may use the tab key to navigate between fields.)
Patient's Name and
Location(floor or clinic):
Patient Registration#:
ASAP = Respond immediately*
Urgent = Respond in 5 minutes*
Routine = Respond in 30 minutes*
FYI = No response needed
Callback Number:
UM phone# VA phone#
Enter Your Message:
Issue that needs to be addressed(i.e. hypotension,change in vitals, etc.):
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 Pager#(*enter "none" if no pager):
* Please wait 5 minutes at the phone for a response to ASAP and Urgent pages.

To send a non clinical page, use the form below:

Non Clinical Paging Form
Enter your message below. Please do not exceed 240 characters.

If your page is not returned in a reasonable amount of time, please call 936-4000.