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Emergency Back-up Phones:
Main Medical Campus
Off Site Locations
If your page has not been returned in a reasonable amount of time, please call 936-4000.
Always dial 141 to initiate a STAT page to a clinician to ensure that the page is received in the most timely way.

Using the web paging system or dialing the 66266 line may lead to delays in sending a STAT page out to the intended clinician.
Search by Pager Number or Last Name:
  936-6266 - automated paging
936-4000 - paging operator assistance
936-6268 - Change the status of your pager

UM On Call Schedule by Department:

VA On Call Schedule by Department:

  • Enter the last name ter the last name ONLY in the search field, then press the appropriate button or hit the "enter" key.
  • Names must be spelled accurately or no results will be returned. If unsure of the spelling, type the first few letters. However, the fewer the letters you type, the longer the search will take.
  • To search by pager number, type the three to six digit pager number in the appropriate field, press "enter".
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